Compared to Bollywood the number of resources available to researchers of Lollywood is miniscule. While some very strong work has been produced by academics in recent years the Lahore based movie industry of Pakistan (Lollywood) is still a niche subject.

There are a growing number of Pakistani movies on YouTube but often the quality of sound and vision is poor. And some of the great films of the 50s and 60s are not (yet?) available. The bulk of what is available are the commercial releases the 60s, 70s and 80s.

I will provide links to important articles, books, interviews here. This section will grow over time so please check in now and then. And at the same time if you have links or materials that you’d like to share please let me know via email (


Pakistan Film Magazine probably the richest site for information about films, personalities and (some) history of the industry. Urdu and English pages.

Cineplot a variable, but often excellent, source of movie and artist profiles from both Pakistan and India.

Hotspot Cafe a fan focused site with excellent visual and written materials as well as links to an Islamabad cafe by the same name. Maintained by academic Omar Ali Khan. a priceless database of pre-and post Partition Indian films and personalities with lots of factual material on the pre-1947 Lahore industry.


Pakistan Cinema by Mushtaq Guzdar. The Bible for researchers. Now newly released and updated by Oxford University Press.

Cinema and Society: Film and Social Change in Pakistan ed. Omar Ali Khan and Ali Nobil Ahmad. Exhaustive researched and wonderfully diverse set of essays on various aspects of the Pakistani movie industry.

The Pop-Culture Junkie’s Guide to Pakistani Cinema by Ushah Kazi. A new, passionate fan’s guide to various aspects of the Pakistani movie industry.

Specific resources that were consulted in each episode are mentioned on the home page.