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1920s Cinemas and Movies: Episode 7 (Part 1)

The photo above is from the 1930s and depicts the Karachi Picture House, one of the Pancholi family’s cinemas. The Pancholis were early film entrepreneurs in Karachi and Lahore and were operating cinemas to show a combination of American and Indian films from 1918. The first part of this Episode traces the rise of the … Continue reading

Lahore is Lahore: Episode 6

In this episode we move the story forward to its main location and the source of the name Lollywood: Lahore.    To tell the full story of this legendary city would require a podcast of its own. Dozens of books have been written about the city over the years (some of which you can find references … Continue reading

Episode 5: Punjabi Mud

This is the first of two episodes aimed at answering the question: why Lahore? Why did Lahore become a major movie making city? Not just in South Asia but in the world?   On the surface there was no obvious reason for this to happen. In fact, there were a lot of circumstances working against Lahore.   … Continue reading

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