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Episode 5: Punjabi Mud

This is the first of two episodes aimed at answering the question: why Lahore? Why did Lahore become a major movie making city? Not just in South Asia but in the world?   On the surface there was no obvious reason for this to happen. In fact, there were a lot of circumstances working against Lahore.   … Continue reading

Episode 4 is now live

This is the longest episode yet (just over one hour) but its an important one. It tells the story of the Parsi community and the amazing role is has played in the development of Bombay as the commercial and entertainment capital of India and introduces you to a number of influential Parsi business people who … Continue reading

Episode Three is now Live

This episode continues to set the scene and provide important historical context to the story of Lollywood. In particular this episode examines how Bombay rose to its dominant position as the commercial (and eventually, entertainment) capital of British India. Between the 16th and 19th centuries the global economy and ‘world order’ went through some deep … Continue reading

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