First Episode Live

Hi there,

I’m really excited (not to mention a bit anxious) to announce that the first introductory episode of Lollywood Tales is now up and available from Apple, Stitcher, Spotify and other places you may get your podcasts.

As I understand the best way to be sure you get new episodes as soon as they are available on line is to hit the Subscribe button. If for some reason you cannot find the episode on any of the podcast providers you can go to the episode page on this website and listen or download as well.

My intention is to post new episodes every two to three weeks for first several episodes. So please stay tuned. Share the news about this podcast and thank you for your patronage and support.

Lollywood Tales: The First Episodes Are Now Live


The day has finally arrived. The first episode (Introduction) of Lollywood Tales has now been uploaded and is available for download or listening on the Episodes page. And of course, it is live on Apple/iTunes, Spotify and most other places where you like to get your podcast fix.

I ask for your patience (hopefully not, interminable) with me as I finesse the technology of podcasting. For example, you’ll notice in the Trailer and Introduction, the intro and outro music is repeated (😒😂) and some of the transitions may be a bit a rough. But I promise, these will improve in coming episodes.

At this stage I aim to have a full episode up every two to three weeks. So the best thing to do is ‘Subscribe’ and get notified directly when a fresh or bonus episode is available.

Thank you for spreading the word about Lollywood Tales (even it is may not be something you’re interested in, some of your friends may enjoy it).

Thank you.

Coming Soon

Hi there,

Lollywood Tales, a podcast about the incredible, untold story of the Pakistani movie industry is getting ready to launch. It will be available on all major podcast sites such as Apple, Spotify and Google.

You can subscribe and support the podcast and get access to premium / extra content and soon there will be branded merchandise available as well.

So stay tuned for Episode one in the very near future!


زندہ باد